Sunday, November 21, 2004


Today was the first day of my trip to Europe (Paris first, then London).
Left Saturday night in the states to arrive Sunday AM in Paris. The flight was delayed for a while because the plane had a faulty starter shaft. Of course they didn't have a replacement so they had to take one from another plane. I'd hate to be a passenger on that plane.
The hotel I'm staying at in Paris is very quaint and very small, but in a very nice section of the city. Actually, from what I've heard about European hotels, this one does not surprise me. I actually quite like's more "personal".

Went to Musee d'Orsay which was quite interesting, despite my lack of any serious interest in art. I do prefer impressionist if I'm going to look at anything, and this museum had quite a bit of it. My faves were Renoir and Degas. Not that I look for stuff by them, but anytime I thought a painting was kinda cool, it was usually one of them when I'd look down to see who painted it.

Paris is a beautiful city, and despite popular American opinion, the people are extremely friendly, helpful, and accommodating.

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