Monday, February 28, 2005



Yet another snow storm. They were saying 8-10 inches, but last report knocked it down to 3-6. For those living where snow is a rare, if ever event, 3-6 for us is like 100 degrees in Phoenix. No big deal.
I actually love this weather because frozen pizza flies off the shelves, which equates to increased income for me.

More political bullshit in the state of NJ. Acting Governor DICK Cody is well on his way to making a good case for Republicans. Just a few things he's fighting for so far in his tenure...selling off the NJ Turnpike to help pay the state's deficit...taxing 401Ks...eliminating the NJ Saver Tax Rebate...oh and by the way, he's refusing to divulge his 2004 tax return; something Governors in this state have willingly done for almost 25 years. What can he possibly have to hide?
I'll say it again....I'm not a staunch Republican or Democrat, but since so many Dems love to bash Dubya solely based on the fact that he's a Republican, I feel the need to point out that you can be sure to find an asshole at any "party."

A woman in Hightstown, NJ, who happens to be an illegal immigrant, claimed she was afraid to report a mugging because she doesn't trust the police. She fears she would be deported. In response, police officials stated they want to make an effort to form a better relationship with the minority community.
So here's someone living illegally in this country, making the police look like the bad guys, and the police are cowtowing to that notion.
This country has gotten entirely too soft.

And as for this country's future?
How about this quote from a 23 year old woman?

"They did this to Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. They're trying to do this to Michael. This is the way they bring him down. They don't want him to be powerful."
--SUSIE MUMPFIELD, 23, telling The Washington Post why she stands vigil outside the courthouse where MICHAEL JACKSON is being tried for child abuse.

As a former co-worker of mine used to say..."We are so doomed."

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