Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Touching on politics

I was just reading my buddy Mike's blog and thought I'd add my own counterpoint to a few of his comments.
Go check out his blog here. Interesting blogger and all around swell guy, even when he's being a left extremist. ;-)

Anyway, here's a few of his comments (in italics) with my follow up after each:

3 bloody years later, what do we have?

A military operation called operation swarm, which is just a huge photo op to make us feel better about the Iraqi "military".

Save for the separatists, I'm sure most, if not all Iraqis would say they're better off now than they were when Saddam was in power.

A Democratic party which has no solutions to even offer for this quagmire.

Exactly. Plenty of bitching with nothing to bring to the table.

The beginnings of a true Civil War in Iraq.

I seem to recall a civil war a couple of hundred years ago after a country gained independence from a power. Democracy doesn't come without growing pains.

Extremist anti-American groups "democratically" elected in Palestine and Iran.

Not sure I understand what is meant by this. A country has to be pro-American to be democratic?

Still no WMD's and documents showing there never were any.

Really? On the daily show the other day, they had the former number two man in the Iraqi Air Force who reported directly to Saddam, who says that there were in fact WMDs (and still are) that were transported to Syria just prior to the inspectors arriving.
What are we doing about it? Got me.

Nice Job Mr. President. Whats the encore??

I'm with the rest of the country in thinking that Bush is an idiot, but I'm not so sure we would have fared much better with Kerry, which is why Bush got elected. Kerry also insisted that there were WMDs, and was totally supportive of the war. Sure, now he's recanted that and says he was wrong, but of course he's going to say that if he wants to save face in his party.
I honestly believe that Kerry is just as much of a dolt as Bush.

And for the record, had I a friend who was a right-wing conservative writing a blog, I would likely comment on his diatribe as well. :-)
I believe there should be a happy medium in politics. Neither party is any good in and of itself.
In fairness, Mike does have Democrat critiques on his blog as well. :-)


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Mike said...

Enjoyed your commentary. Nice to know that my blogs make people think as well.

The point I didn't make clear apparently is that the Neo Cons in the Bu$hCo Administration dreamed that the liberation of Iraq would bring about peaceful pro American governments.

This has of course backfired like most of what they planned.

See ya in June. Have you gotten your tix yet? I haven't.