Sunday, October 01, 2006

Random Thoughts

-- Listening to Frank Zappa I notice that no matter how many times I've heard any given album, I still manage to find something interesting that I had not consciously noticed prior.

-- The older I get, the pickier I get about my coffee.

-- For some reason, rainy days make me appreciate what I have.

-- I really need to lose some serious weight.

-- The only person you can truly depend on is in the mirror. Friends and family can let you down.

-- Why did Marcia, Jan, and Cindy take on the Brady name?

-- This is currently the longest stretch of time I have ever quit smoking for (One year, five months, two weeks, three days, 15 hours. 21,425 cigarettes not smoked, saving $5,624.15).

-- The Miami Dolphins suck.

-- Really looking forward to Tool on Friday and especially Porcupine Tree on Saturday (they are performing yet-to-be-released material).

-- My mom is a good egg.

1 comment:

Bill K said...

We didn't see you last night...was kind of hoping we'd catch up with you...