Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Got the new Zappa CD today that was ordered months and months ago. It's a 4 disc special edition available only through Barfko-Swill, and it arrived today. MOFO stands for "Making of Freak Out!", and this marks the 40th anniversary of that first Mothers of Invention album.
Anyway, haven't given the whole thing a listen yet, but thought I'd post pics of the cool packaging and the credits (of which I am included).

Here's the front of the closed package:

Here's the back:

The next four are of it opened, one disc at a time:


And finally, here's the part of the credits with my name:

Anyone who preordered this early enough got their name in it. Also, notice the name in the upper left corner of the pic above.

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Prjt2501 said...

It's an awesome set...and thanks for helping us find our names int he books!