Sunday, April 15, 2007

Gotta love technology (Pt 2)

I was looking on the Cingular site and noticed that I was eligible for an upgrade on my phone. I was contemplating getting a Blackberry or something similar, but decided that I did not want to spend an additional $40 (over and above my calling plan) for a data plan. So I decided to get the brand new RAZR V3xx. On this I can still access my GMail on the internet, and the phonebook stores all the same info as Outlook.

There are 3 things this phone does that my Nokia didn't do, 2 of which I think are really cool. First, it plays MP3s, which I doubt I will ever use it for.
The two things that I really like are 1) It plays streaming video, so that I can check out news updates, sports, movie trailers, etc., whenever I want. But what I like most is 2) The voice dialing capability. Now, I've had voice dialing in many phones before, but the difference here is that I don't have to program the name in each individual contact. I just press a button (either on the phone or my bluetooth headset), and it asks for a command, which could be name dial, number dial, camera, voicemail, redial, or recent calls. If I say name dial, it asks the name of the person, and then asks which number (home, mobile, etc). Or I could just say "number dial" and then I just say the number. And yes, I realize that this technology has been around a while, but it's the first phone that I've had that does it, so I'm diggin' it. :-)

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