Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gail Zappa: C*nt extraordinare

I wrote an email a few days ago expressing my disappointment over the fact that the Zappa Plays Zappa DVD had not been available at any east coast shows since it was promised (back in the summer), especially since a friend of a friend already had it PRIOR to the Halloween show. He had gotten it as a birthday gift! So it WAS available somewhere! I didn't email anyone in particular, I just replied to the announcement about the DVD being ready for sale. Also, while the email did express my frustration, and I did suggest that free shipping should be offered at least for a limited time or at least to the regions that the tour had already passed, I did not resort to personal attacks (name calling, etc). I would post it here but I must have inadvertently deleted it (guess I didn't think I'd need it).
Also, it was the one and only time I've ever emailed the Zappas. In other words, I'm not a repeat or "regular PITA". While I didn't expect resolution, I did expect at least some professionalism or respect as a fan/customer.

So as it turned out, I got a response from Gail herself. I think this shows how much she really cares about the fans:


I am perfectly willing to take responsibility for projects which we produce and over which we have control. That is not the case with the Zappa Plays Zappa DVD. It was shot and produced by a company (at great risk in terms of expense to themselves because they too are huge fans of FZ and felt compelled to take this on) in Canada. As yet they have no distribution deal so we are lucky to be able to get
it at all. Needless to say, Dweezil also worked very hard on this project and is very disappointed that it did not make tour dates as anticipated. We are very happy to be able to offer it now - and as usual, no matter what we do we receive the indiscriminate evidence that there are people who prefer misery unchecked and just want to vent and castigate us beyond reason, unfairly. Enjoy.

Music is the Best!


Was that last part really necessary? As I said, this was the only time I've ever written!
If this was just some everyday merchant, I'd bet that no one would give another dime to these people.

And yes, I guess what pisses me off the most is the fact that I will continue to buy their output because of my love for FZ's music, and that I have to help put food on her plate and a roof over her head in the process. And I'm sure she knows this and it's why she can get away with being the way she is.

Two years, seven months, one week smober.
38049 cigarettes not smoked, saving $9,988.47.
Life saved: 18 weeks, 6 days.


piperian396 said...

I never eally cared for Gail either. She always goes on about preserving Frank's legacy and keep his wishes, but didn't she also say that he didn't want her involved in those matters? it sounds like this is a huge power trip for her and she seems to like the feeling of stepping on peoples toes.

That last comment seals it, why is she biting the hands that feed her?

Musicfreak said...

She put HERSELF into a photo in the 'MOFO release of the original 'Freak Out' album. What's more, she took out ALL of the original photos of the MOI, replacing them with recycled photos and ONE new photo. Excuse me Gail, did you PLAY on this album?