Tuesday, December 13, 2005

If it weren't for bad luck...

Hit a snag with the new job process yesterday. I was chosen (it's a random process) to go for a physical abilities test before I could be cleared for the new job. No big deal, I figured they just want to see if you can lift 40lbs or so, and bend down and stand up and all that. Problem is, they wouldn't even let me do any of that because they tested my blood pressure and it was too high. So now I have to go to a doctor and get clearance (and likely blood pressure medication) to be tested.
Hence the subject of this post.

On the upside, I finally broke out of my bowling slump, which had started about 4 or 5 weeks ago. I had dropped rapidly from a 202 average down to a 195. But last night I shot a 223, 222, and 225 for a 670 series.

How about my Dolphins beating the Chargers on Sunday? That's what San Diego gets for looking ahead to next week against the Colts. The Fins may very well have fucked up the Chargers playoff chances.
In the possible but unlikely department, the Dolphins still actually have a chance to win the division and make the playoffs! They just need to win their last 3, and the Patriots need to lose their last 3. It would be mighty interesting if the Fins win their next two and the Pats lose their next two, as they play each other to end the season.

Next Monday I'll be getting my first Monday Night Football experience. I'm going with my cousin to see the Ravens play the Packers in Baltimore. Both teams suck so it should be a good game. :-)

Seven months, four weeks, one day
9746 cigarettes not smoked, saving $2,437.04
Life saved: 4 weeks, 5 days

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Val said...

Be careful with blood pressure meds. Most doctors would rather keep an eye on your blood pressure for awhile before using meds. I had one doctor give me a prescription and my blood pressure had dropped naturally; the meds made me pass out.

Have you handed in your resignation from Kraft yet?

Would you like for me to root for the Patriots? They'll lose for sure that way! ;)