Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The times they are a changin'...

Met with Schwan's again yesterday and signed a "conditional offer of employment", which basically means as long as my drug screen comes up negative (it will), I've got a job. The one concern is the benefits. Coverage starts 60 days after employment. That sucks. That means I have to screw around with COBRA for a month or so.
This whole thing feels wierd. I feel like I'm cheating on a wife or girlfriend...although admittedly I have no idea what that feels like. :-)

Seven months, three weeks, 22 hours, 51 minutes
9438 cigarettes not smoked, saving $2,359.94
Life saved: 4 weeks, 4 days, 18 hours


Bill K said...

Glad to see you're still posting. And nice to see an update or so on what's been going on in your life. Hope things work out with Schwan's...

Brahms said...

Good luck in your new job Mark....know how you feel about NEEDING a change.....me too. Am hoping to hear from the local College about a possible 'Teaching' position.
I was a Fully Qualified Painter & Decorator for years.....got tired of it and now work as a Caretaker in a local High School.
but they (Local Collage) are now looking for Qualified Tradesmen to pass on their skills and know-how to the kids.
Good pay......and all those vacations :-)

Anonymous said...

Be grateful for the COBRA...I wish I still had mine. My insurance was over $100/month cheaper w/ COBRA and I had dental included.

Glad to hear you are still of the smokes.

Thanks for the xmas card.