Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Porcupine Tree '08 Update on JamBase


Porcupine Tree will spend a busy 2008 releasing or recording no less than 8 albums by the band and its members’ solo projects.

The first major event for Porcupine Tree is the re-release on April 29 of their seminal 2000 album, Lightbulb Sun (Snapper Music/ Peaceville), in a new 5.1 digital surround mix by Porcupine Tree band leader Steven Wilson. Wilson received praise for his surround mix of 2007’s Fear Of A Blank Planet. It nominated for a Grammy in the "Best Surround Sound Album" category, Sound & Vision named it the best surround sound album of 2007 and Classic Rock Magazine crowned it their album of the year.

Porcupine Tree drummer Gavin Harrison, named "best prog drummer" for the second consecutive year in the 2008 Modern Drummer reader’s poll, will join King Crimson for 10 U.S tour dates in New York, Chicago, Nashville and Philadelphia this August, with additional dates to be added in 2009.

Other 2008 projects for Porcupine Tree include:

-A double live album to be released in multiple formats in September

-Filming a new concert DVD in October for 2009 release

-The first ever Porcupine Tree tour dates in Australia and Russia this summer

-Steven Wilson’s debut solo album in late 2008

-The May release of Schoolyard Ghosts by Steven Wilson’s band No-Man with singer Tim Bowness, and a No-Man European mini-tour

-The release of British rockers Anathema’s new album, produced by Steven Wilson

-The release of Porcupine Tree keyboardist Richard Barbieri’s new solo album

-The release of Porcupine Tree bassist Colin Edwin’s new album with Geoff Leigh as the band Ex-Wise Heads


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