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Ray White quits Zappa Plays Zappa

1 April 2009

Hello Friends,

Here's a funny story... sort of.... So we're getting ready to leave for Japan and Australia and we've been rehearsing away like a good little teenage rocking combo. Diligently re-distributing parts and practicing our new musical responsibilities in the wake of Aaron Arntz's departure. We decide to stop for a moment and we say to ourselves where is Ray White?

He was supposed to be here today wasn't he? Yep today's the day for Ray. Let's call him. He doesn't answer any of his phones and they all say they are disconnected. Is he suddenly in the witness protection program? What has happened? We decide to look at our e-mails. I had one in my in box from Ray.

Ready for the hilarious punchline? Ray quit via e-mail with no advance "romance" notice whatsoever.

This sort of thing happened to Frank often. It never stopped him. While it is not enjoyable to deal with, it is predictable. History repeats itself.

As a band we have become even more galvanized by this odd turn of events. We have plenty of material to perform both vocally and instrumentally. We got a bit short changed on preparation time but we're professionals, we can handle this type of thing.

There has always been a plan to perform solely as the core band and now is as good a time as any. Quite frankly I'm looking forward to this experience. I have a lot of confidence in the core band. They are all exceptionally talented.

While we have enjoyed playing with our favorite alumni over the years it is time for a change. Yes folks, it's the end of a chapter for ZPZ.

The new chapter for ZPZ begins thusly...

'Twas the night before rehearsal and all through the studio every creature was stirring, clicking their mouses and searching the internet for new lead singers...

To be continued... ( We may have actually found one from a city far far away.)

In closing, here is the official word on the status of the upcoming tours and what to expect.

Zappa Plays Zappa will be performing as 6 piece band - until we find a few musical compatriots that will complement our line up . We will do what we always do - deliver our very best efforts to present the music of Frank Zappa with the utmost respect and have an excellent time in the process.

Please feel free to join us for the festivities.

See you on the road.

Regards, DZ

POSTED BY DWEEZIL ZAPPA AT 2009-04-01 17:30:04

No, this sort of thing did NOT happen to Frank "often."
Let's see...Napolean Murphy Brock is axed for wanting to participate in a performance that was...are you ready?....a tribute to Frank. Steve Vai and Terry Bozzio do a one and done, Ike Willis is not welcome, and now Ray White quits.

Hey Dweez? Why maybe it's YOU (and you don't even know it!) and your c*nt of a mother!
Seems all the FZ alum have nothing but fond memories of Frank, yet they don't seem to share the same sentiments towards you and the rest of the Zappa clan. Hmmm....

This blog post seems to imply that Dweezil expects to be the new incarnation of the Mothers, and that a new legion of followers will abound.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. You're NOT Frank!
Do your own thing with the talent you've surrounded yourself with. People would respect you more. You can only ride coattails for so long; then it just gets old.

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