Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I got your entitlement right here!

So I'm sitting in a Shop Rite parking lot checking Twitter instead of getting anything done, and I notice this woman with a young child trying to get her cart over the "island" between parking sections and having little success. She must have called out to the guy collecting carts to help her because by the time I saw this he was already running over to help.
As soon as he grabs the front of the cart and lifts it, she let go and took her child over to her mini-van which was about 75 feet away. She gets in and opens the automatic side door as if this guy is going to bring her cart all the way over there for her. He obviously assumed she just wanted help getting the cart "over the hump," because that's all he did and then went back to rounding up carts. She finally realized he wasn't coming and closed the door and drove over to the cart. It gave me a nice little chuckle to see someone "expect" someone to provide tailored service and end up having to do it themselves.
Could he have been more helpful? Sure, but considering her apparent sense of entitlement, it was almost like he said, "Come get it yourself stupid! I did the hard part! It's not my fault you forgot where you parked! I have work to do!"

I almost got out and yelled to him, "Atta boy Spider! Don't take shit from anyone!"

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