Monday, April 26, 2010

It pays to pre-order

So Porcupine Tree will be releasing a Blu-ray/DVD package of a concert filmed towards the end of their amazing Fear of a Blank Planet tour. It is called "Anesthetize" (also the title of an epic track off of the album Fear of a Blank Planet) and will be released in June. A financially draining limited special edition, which includes audio CDs of the video as well as a hard cover "book style" package can be purchased from the band's online store. Anyway, I decided to take the more frugal approach and I pre-ordered just the standard BD/DVD package from Amazon. Well, at the time I placed my order, it was showing that it was Blu-ray only for $17.49, and also available was DVD only for $19.99. As it turns out, these were wrong, as it is ONLY being released as a BD/DVD set. I just checked, and they seem to have fixed the issue, and now it is listed at $22.49 (as of this blog could still change). So thanks to Amazon's low price pre-order guarantee, I'm still only paying $17.49!
It pays to pre-order. :-)

I should note that Amazon STILL has a listing for just the standard DVD, but Kscope records (the label the DVD is on) insists it will NOT be released this way (unless they meant just the Blu-ray won't be standalone).

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