Sunday, May 23, 2010

The future of TV

Lately I've had my eye on a new Blu-ray disc player that supports Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, Picasa, etc.
I already have a BD player, but it doesn't have any network capabilities other than upgrading the firmware and accommodating BD-Live content from the discs. The new one is essentially the same machine with the aforementioned services added.
Well, I just received an email from Logitech which pointed to a page that has made me forget about the new BD player and instead wait for the fall for what looks to me like an amazing product, Google TV.
After watching the video below, as well as the 22 minute "announcement" video, it seems that this is basically an Android "smart TV". For anyone who has an Android smartphone, you already know that this is an exciting concept. For those not familiar with Android, it's basically an operating system made by the people, for the people. After watching the announcement video on the main page, the implication is that like the Android OS on phones, Google TV will be an open source system.
Oh, and if like me, you have DISH network, then this will be even better. This has been designed along with DISH to be seamless.

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