Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Another episode of S.I.D.

So I'm in a Waldbaums ordering Edy's. I've got my handheld computer, so it's obvious that I'm not just some customer. A woman comes along, opens one of the freezer doors, moves the front container of French Silk to another location. She then grabs one further back and in the process knocks another over into the spot next to it. She then reaches back and grabs that magical holy grail container that was buried behind all the others that apparently contains one of Wonka's golden tickets, and in pulling it out, tips over yet another container. Finally, she puts the other one back that she had pulled out prior and places it on top of the now laying sideways container that she had tipped over.
As she started to shop in the next door for Turkey Hill, I immediately put my handheld down, and went and starightened up the mess she had just made. Right in front of her. She made no acknowledgment whatsoever.
I don't know what's worse, the fact that there are so many arrogant, entitled, self-important douchebags walking this planet (or I should say this country, because I suspect we are the worst), or the fact that they are so completely unashamed of being that.
When did we throw common courtesy out the fucking window in this country?

Oh, and in case anyone is thinking that the ice cream in the back is more frozen and/or more fresh, you'd be wrong on both counts. It's in a closed freezer. It's all frozen the same. And I've seen how our people pack out the stock; they rarely, if ever, rotate. So the product in the front is most likely the "freshest." Besides...it's ice cream! The shelf life is like a year. Does it really matter if the expire date is next May or June? Really?

This has been another episode of Self-Important Douchebags.

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