Sunday, November 21, 2010

NEARfest Band Announcement- Karmakanic To Arrive in Bethlehem

This is good news:

    NEARfest welcomes the musical insanity of Karmakanic to the 2011 edition.  Born out of a desire to stretch the boundaries of classic symphonic prog, 2002 saw Jonas Reingold assemble a top-notch band to realize his vision.  Channeling the talents of Goran Edman, (perhaps best known for his work with Yngwie Malmsteen,) and his fellow Flower Kings Roine Stolt, Tomas Bodin and Zoltan Csorsz, Karmakanic's debut album "Entering the Spectra" became very popular among the fans of progressive rock and the established rock press around the world. Their were honored with the prize for best newcomer 2002 in the big progressive poll DPRP and charted several other lists as the best newcomer on the scene.
    It was in 2004 that Karmakanic became a band rather than just a side-project.
Reingold, Csorsz and Edman are joined by Krister Jonzon to manifest the core of the band.  Along with guest musicians, Karmakanic releases their second album, Wheel of Life.  A slightly less metallic offering, Wheel of Life finds the band delving into the fusion side of prog while maintaining a song based mantra.   It is with the addition of keyboardist extraordinaire Lalle Larsson that Karmakanic becomes an exquisite live attraction.  Larsson adds the technical prowess that is required to realize Karmakanic's music, so with the puzzle pieces in place, the band is ripe for live performance.
     Two Thousand eight sees the band release their most mature and cohesive release, "Who's the Boss in the Factory."  Reingold's production and songwriting draws from influences such as The Flower Kings, Weather Report, Yes and Return to Forever but his music is clearly Karmakanic's vision.  With beautiful passages along side technical mastery, "Who's the Boss" becomes a complete album for the modern progressive audience. With the promise of a new album to be released in 2011, Karmakanic is ready to return to the U.S. with a full-blown set of their music history,  there might even be an instrumental solo or two.  The guys in charge are happy to present for NEARfest 2011, the power, intensity and insanity of Karmakanic.

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