Saturday, January 22, 2005

First storm of the winter

Well, it has arrived. The first major snowfall of the winter of '05. What started as a forecast of 3-6 inches has become a minimum of a foot...possibly 18". Thankfully it happened on a Saturday. The roads should be in fine shape for the Monday AM commute.
What a beautiful snow it is too. I can't wait until tomorrow and hopefully grab some nice photos of it. Makes me appreciate where I live. The snow looks beautiful on what is already a top-notch landscape, which also means there is no "gray" snow tomorrow. I really love it here.

In the meantime, being snowed in makes it that much more fun to get some things done around the house, on the PC, and enjoy the games tomorrow. When the Dolphins are not involved, I tend to like the underdog, so I'll be pulling for Atlanta and Pittsburgh tomorrow. If the Steelers win, I'll be pulling for them in the SB no matter who they play. If the Pats win, I'll be pulling for whoever they play against. :-)

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