Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Winter is upon us

Getting the first real glimpse of winter this week. Bitterly cold temperatures, and a legitimate snowfall. The roads were very slick on the way home tonight, with the usual sporadic accidents causing typical bad weather traffic.
The ride home became much more pleasant from receiving not one, not two, but three phone calls from Cheryl being concerned that I was getting home safely (I have a wireless headset for my cell phone, and she knows it, so there's no potential irony in regards to my safety). Her thoughtfulness really meant a lot to me. She's a good egg.
From what the forecasts are saying, today's snow is only a small preview of what's to come this weekend. Ought to make the football games in Pennsylvania on Sunday quite interesting.
Did I mention that snow scares are the best thing for my job? The more concrete the forecasts become, the more pizza I'm gonna sell. Gonna be a fruitful next couple of days!

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