Monday, January 10, 2005

Rare friendships

I haven't mentioned here yet that we got a replacement bowler on our team in place of Donna, who is on injured reserve. Her name is Cheryl, and we connected the minute we met. Wonderful gal she is. It's amazing how much we think alike emotionally and how we've hit it off so well. Unfortunately she's not "available", but nevertheless we're quickly becoming very close friends. We talk just about every day, and often for a couple of hours at a time. We've already shared intimate details of our lives, including things she's told me that she claims only a handful of people even know. Considering the content of those conversations, I believe her. It's really nice to find someone that you feel an almost immediate trust to open up with. Friends like that are rare, and are certainly cherished. Those are the kind that last for years, even if the frequency diminishes.

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