Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bowling for dollars

Gettin' down to crunch time in my bowling league. We dropped from 5th to 6th place, and last night we only won one point (out of a possible 7) because we tied one game. The next two weeks are "position" nights, and will decide where we end up. The best we can do is 4th.
I bowled better last night than I have the past two weeks, although still not that great. The first game I had a 198 with one ball left to throw. Just keep it on the lane and I have a 200 game right? In a perfect world maybe, but I went and threw it in the gutter. In any case, I threw a 198, a 198, and a 204, for a 600 on the nose. I had a 201 average at one point. Now I'm down to a 198. I should still win high average as well as most improved though.

Still not smoking!
Two weeks, five days
762 cigarettes not smoked, saving $171.51

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