Monday, May 30, 2005

Last day

Oh well, here it is, the last day of my first (of three) vacation of 2005. I must admit that it didn't fly by too fast. It was nice being able to relax without driving my usual 700+ miles in a week.
Had a nice little Memorial Day get together at my mom's yesterday. I took some impromptu photos when we took a walk by the lake. Those photos can be seen here. Mostly nature photos. A few with friends and family in it, but frankly the lake pics are better. :-)
In fact, one of those pics can be seen (for now) at the top of this blog page.
Now that I have a decent camera, I need to make a concerted effort to dabble a bit more into that hobby. I really enjoy capturing "moments".

I can't wait to try out my camera at a live show. The next one is Frogg Café/Proto-Kaw on June 11th, then I might go check out the Mike Keneally Band along with the Alex Skolnick Trio in Sellersville on June 18th, and of course there's Nearfest on July 9th and 10th (which also kicks off my next vacation)!

Anyway, back to the daily grind tomorrow.

NP: Van der Graaf Generator - 5/6/05

One month, two weeks, two days
1837 cigarettes not smoked, saving $413.46
Life saved: 6 days, 9 hours

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