Saturday, May 21, 2005

Sound of Muzak indeed...

Went to see Porcupine Tree last night at Irving Plaza. What an ass-kickin' show it was! These guys really shine in a live setting. It was a very cool climax to an otherwise unnerving evening. I didn't get home from work until about 5:45, and had just enough time to grab a quick shower and run out to pick up my buddy Bill in Frenchtown. I actually didn't get there till about 7. My online EZPass account indicates that we got to the city shortly after 8:30. The next hour or so was spent looking for a place to park. The good news is that when we finally found a spot, it was directly in front of the venue. Anyway, we missed all but the last song of the Rudess/Morgenstein Project. Not that big a deal, but it would have been nice to check out more of them.

PTree took the stage at roughly 10:15 and played till just about midnight.

Here's the content of this sold-out show:
The Sound of Muzak
A Smart Kid
Arriving Somewhere, but Not Here
Fadeaway (John Wesley on lead vox)
Mellotron Scratch
Blackest Eyes
Even Less
She's Moved On

Also picked up a few CDs at the show....Voyage 34, Warszawa, and the Porcupine Tree Sampler 2005.
They said they're coming back in October with possibly some *new* songs to play. I'll be looking forward to that. Great band, great show, great night.

NP: Porcupine Tree - Voyage 34

One month, one week, 7 hours, 37 minutes smober
1492 cigarettes not smoked, saving $335.86
Life saved: 5 days, 4 hours

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